Okay, so I practice yoga. I try on Regular basis but of course life happens so I’m solidly doing it three-fours times a week. And I cannot encourage enough people to do yoga. Here’s why (I’ll try not to ramble and go super in depth because I can so easily be lead there with such a topic <3). I’ll clear some things up “about” yoga as well.

Yoga is a teacher.
Yoga is also a lover.
Yoga is discipline.
Yoga is a coach.
Yoga also happens to be a care taker.
Yoga can take any form you need. (For your benefit)

Yoga is not a stretching or exercise class. You can practice though, with the goal in mind of becoming more flexible or strong and fit.
Yoga is not a religion. There are stems of certain yogic practices that influence some (religion). But doing yoga doesn’t make you Hindu or Buddhist. And you are not doing anything wrong if you are a Christian and practice yoga.

Yoga can help ailments such as:
Mood swings
Body shame
Anxiety and stress
Along with becoming more flexible, people also report they are leaner
physically & mentally stronger
More “awake” and have more sustained energy

Honestly there isn’t any kind of person yoga isn’t right for.

Something I want to mention specifically is you really learn to love yourself more. Might be the most important thing yoga helps with. In the world today there is so much of this idea of a great body or what your face needs to look like to be beautiful. Some already struggle to love the skin their in without any of these awful influencers(social media, advertising).
We have this distorted image of how we’re supposed to look when in fact its bullshit. First off no one has a flat stomach, or a perfect ass. And with yoga you focus on the freaking amazing beautiful things about you, your body. You discover things about yourself you never knew, you grow compassion for this vessel that carries you through life. It heals you when your sick, it teaches you to smile more, it warns you of danger, its curvy and straight, and squishy, it allows you to see, to smell, its your best companion. I still have bad days where I think my stomach looks big or my arms look manly but the more a practice yoga the less I attach to these negative feelings toward myself. Positivity comes a hell of a lot easier to you.

You learn to not only judge yourself less but also judge others less. We can’t get away from judgment, in some ways it’s just basic reaction but kindness is too. We don’t do enough things to exercise our kindness, that’s why kindness seems so absent around us sometimes. Your body and mind will impress you with what it can do.


Everything we experience is stored in not only our memories but our bodies too- in the muscles, tendons, fascia. Good experiences and bad ones. Yoga is a way to manage this storage. It’s a way to get rid of the negative- to release tension and blockages so we can feel better in our body, Comfortable in our skin. Our mind, feelings, emotions becomes more manageable.
When everything is working to create harmony, you can become very powerful.
The body is always present. It exists always in this present moment. Our mind on the other hand isn’t always present but when we do yoga it helps us practice presence of the body AND mind simultaneously and that friends is so so important for the health of you. You are the most powerful and peaceful in that moment.

We start to slow down alittle- experiencing and appreciating everything alittle more.. which in turn gives us better quality of life.

Yoga can easily be another aspect of your life, like your family or brushing your teeth. If you start to practice yoga, it becomes a ritual of you. And you have the ability to make it more or less of you. It is perfectly okay to make it less, all that matters is it is prevalent and with it being prevalent, less or more, you will benefit.

Yoga is my life. It is a lifestyle for me now.
I will never be without it for the rest of my time. It is so wholly important to me, to who I have become. To making me feel happy. Once you start to practice you may understand why it has this much importance to me.

Or not
But you WILL be changing, shifting something within you if you practice. Even just a single practice. Your mind will over go change, a peaceful change. Your spirit will over go a strengthening change. Your body will over go a lighter open change. You may not notice a significant change the first or second time but I PROMISE you will notice so soon, so so soon.



So try some yoga if you haven’t
Be present
And do some amazing things



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