My racing thoughts for the Magic 8 ball

Where do you go to find answers to the hardest questions?

Tarot cards, google, magic 8 ball, your parents? I think what makes it hard is that some questions don’t have any kind of definitive answer. There’s not even any lead for an answer at times but were always looking. Always, right? Is it inside of you, like the cliche saying? Will you eventually learn the answer? Or does the question change? Is it like a mystic-right place and right time thing-when it will be “revealed” to you? And really, if there is an answer how can you predict if the answer will be a right one or the wrong one?

What makes something right or wrong? Something like an act or a decision, maybe a feeling. Is that morality, even when pertaining to an act or feeling? And like a question can change, can a decision change from wrong to right or vice versa? How would you even test morality? And what differs someone’s moral compass from another? There must be a very wide range. How does ones moral compass come to be? Through your environment, culture, or experiences or is it a “hardwired” thing? Maybe it’s a mixture. Does character have something to do with it? Do you view someone as a good person, so their actions/feelings are good? What if one day they do something bad? What makes it bad? Would it be considered bad to you, or since they are a good person of character will that action or decision be a good one?
Are your moral compass and conscience the same thing?
My moral compass is a loud driving factor for the way I am and I think the way I came to be.
Do other people have a loud moral compass and choose to ignore it? Is it easily ignored for some?
I cant not listen to mine.
Sometimes its so evident and instinctual and other times, it takes alittle time for me to decode what it’s saying. Does it “work” better some day than others or under certain circumstances? Who has the strongest moral compass you know? Is strong the right word to describe a great moral compass?
It’s seems to be its expressed as inconstant and at times changing.
I read somewhere once that the basis of a “sound” morality is mutual tolerance and respect.
Do you agree?


📷(Mural @ Coney Island)

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