The blog? Decoding this crazy weird human life, and specifically the hella important shit.. connection, fulfillment, and happiness.

Me? I’m Jordon, A curious, enthusiastic, and sometimes strange young lady. Family, art, and yoga are super important to me. As well as possessing an attitude to do generous work, to spark a connection and partnership with others and this planet. Connection causes change. I want to help others be an agent of change in the world- to the tiniest gesture like a hello to someone you wouldn’t take a second look at on the street, to putting your cigarette butt in the trash 15 feet in front of you instead of the ground, or maybe to lending a hand for a cancer drive. No matter the size, it all makes the difference. Sometimes we are unaware that we could be doing so much more in each moment we live. I’m guilty of it too. So here I am, inviting you to take the same journey, to learn from ourselves, to learn from each other, to learn from the small miracles around us. To beautifully grow from it all. Hell yea.