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Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid

We all know that gardening is not always straightforward and can be more difficult than it may seem. There are some mistakes that we make when we garden, which may leave the garden looking less then desirable. So to make sure your garden stays its best here are the top four mistakes to avoid in your garden.

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Over-watering your plants

Over-watering might seem like a good thing to do to make sure your plants won’t get thirsty but its can lead to root rot, which can be fatal for your plants. So to avoid this check the soil to see if it’s moist or dry before you water it. If there is a lot of moisture there, don’t add any more water. If there is not enough moisture, add some water and wait until the soil has soaked up all of it before watering again. When you water your plants, make sure it’s in early morning or late evening so that they have time to dry off during the day and avoid getting moldy from damp leaves and flowers.

Under-watering your plants

Plants need to be watered in order to survive. So if your plants are droopy or have wilted leaves, you may not be watering them enough. This can be as fatal as over-watering so make sure your plants are watered enough. One way to do this is to water them in the evening or early morning in the summer. This stops the water evaporating before the plants get enough water. Its also important to research your plants. Lots of guides will tell you how much water a plant likes and you go from there. Just make sure you know what type of soil you have as this will affect the way the water seeps into the ground and then into a plants roots.

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Know your pests

Not knowing what pests you have your garden can be deadly. These pests can be plant based (i.e. weeds smothering your plants) or animal based (i.e. your kids stealing the strawberries). Not knowing what pests might be in your garden and then not protecting your plants against these pests can seriously damage your gardens success. The pests in your garden will be different to everyone else but keep an eye on weeds, bugs and diseases.

Be careful where you plant trees

The obvious mistake to make is to forget a tree might grow bigger than you had intended but there are actually other things to consider too. If you plant a tree to close to another tree, you will create a shadow and restrict the growth of the trees. Likewise if you plant a shrub too close to a tree, it may choke out other plants in the area. Also on a practical level don’t put plants near power lines because they may cause damage if touched by them or even electrocuted at times.

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