Why you should consider living on a boat!

Living on a boat might not be everyone’s idea of a dream home. There are after all some clear set backs – your home might sink into the ocean being one. But there are also some massive benefits to living on a boat so I am here to tell you all about them.

You can take your home on holiday(or not)

Sometimes when you go on holiday you want to leave everything you have at home at home. But imagine going on holiday without paying for accommodation and without having to do the annoying packing/unpacking/packing stage of the trip. If you live on a boat you can holiday in some of the most stunning destinations without paying the stunning destination price. You can also often put your boat at the heart of the action, closer than you would ever get with bricks and mortar accommodation. As well as this your boat is probably going to be comfy so you don’t need to worry about uncomfortable beds.

Money, money, money

Living on a boat is cheaper than living in a house or apartment. Apart from your initial investment in purchasing the boat your rent and utility costs will be super low. For one if you get a spot in a marina your power will be supplied by the marina and it is often not metered. Marinas also supply water, toilets, showers, washing machines etc. which you don’t have to pay to use! On top of this you can get solar panels to supply your power when you are out and about and even a composting toilet to handle your waste. All of this equals low ongoing costs but sometimes quite high investments. As a boat isn’t always cheap and to get it set up right can cost thousands! But once you have the boat and all the gear you need, you won’t have to pay anything more than marina fees!

Its a great excuse to invest in a boat

Buying a boat might not be everyones dream in which case you probably haven’t even got this far with the post. However, if it is your dream to buy a boat, it might seem pretty unattainable as a luxury item. Paying thousands in marina fees doesn’t sound great if you only use it in the summer. But if you live on the boat it sounds like a good investment of your money. Even if you only live on the boat for a couple of years you will still have made the investment work for you enough to probably keep it, right?

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Some things to consider

With the boom in tiny houses there has also been lots of interest in boats as tiny homes. However, boats are tricky. Although it can be a great idea to live on a boat you need to keep a few things in mind before spending any cash. Firstly, boats can be expensive and getting a boat builder to work on them is expensive. So if you don’t have the money or the skills maybe do some saving or up-skilling first. Secondly, can you ties ropes? Boats need to be secured safely in a marina and there won’t necessarily be anyone there to help you. This is crucial for keeping yourself and your boat safe. Thirdly, driving a boat is not the same as driving a car. Boats also need to be moved a bit to stay clear or weeds so if you can’t drive a boat safely maybe do some training. Fourthly, boats needs special maintenance which you are going to have to learn if you want to keep a float. Fifthly, there are so many complicated things about boats so make sure you do your research and know what you are getting yourself into.