How to make money online

Looking for a side hustle or a whole new career? Maybe an online opportunity is the way to go. There are heaps of ways to make money online from transcribing, teaching, blogging and sales. Really if you can name it you can probably make money from it online! But today we are going to focus on the ways of making money from blogging and everything connected to it.

Content writing

Everyone needs content these days whether its for blog posts, website sales pages or just general business details. For this reason content writing can be a good way to make money online. You can find work at peopleperhour or Fiverr. Just be warned content writing isn’t the best pay wise so be careful what projects you sign up for.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant or having a virtual assistant is the way of the future and now is a great time to start. To be a virtual assistant you don’t need any special training or skills but you do need to be a bit of a hustler to get your jobs. The type of work you might do as a virtual assistant can be setting up websites, handling a companies correspondence, managing a CEO’s calendar or writing content for a blog. To find the right jobs for you think of all the things you have experience in or enjoy and start there.

Pinterest Manager

Pinterest is not everyone’s friends but if its yours why not become a pinterest manager for people that are not as skilled as you. This can be a great side hustle or even a full time career if you can recruit enough clients.

Digital Products

Selling digital products has become the bread and butter of blogging. These can include eBooks, online courses and printables like planners and checklists. The great thing about these is that once they are made the income is fairly passive. So if you have a blog or website already think about your niche and what kinds of products your customers would like. Once you get your plan start building your products, the marketing plans and any sales funnels you might want to create to maximise your profit. The only thing to keep in mind is that these products take a lot of work to make and market successfully.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves signing up to affiliate programs related to your website niche. Then you put affiliate links to these products on your site. If someone uses these links to purchase something you will get a commision. Most websites do this these days so its not seen as bad form by your website visitors. Also most companies have affiliate programs now to so it shouldn’t be hard to find a product you like to promote. The only rules for affiliate marketing are that you need to make it clear on your site that you are using affiliate links. This is actually more than a rule – its the law. Another rule is only promote products you have used and value. Don’t be a numpty and go for the money by promoting bad products. This will just lose you customers and damage your brand.


If you have a website you can add advertising fairly easily. This can be done with advertising networks like mediavine or google adsense which will pay you small amount of money for every view the advert gets. Or you can get adverts direct from companies for your site. These pay more but are very rare. Either way your sites traffic is key – without any visitors to your website you will not make any advertising money.

Stock Photos

Something people don’t always think about with making money online is selling stock photos but its actually pretty genius. Everyone needs stock photos these days and the ones on free sites like pexels or pixabay are not always the best. This is where stock photos come in and if you have a camera and some photography skills you might be in for a pay day.