Eloping in the UK: Everything you need to know

Did you get engaged? Woohoo!! Congratulations! Now have you started planning? If you have you will be inundated with information about what to do and how much to pay for it. This is always true of weddings but especially now the world is a little topsy turvy. So as well as considering what type of dress to wear on summer you will also be thinking of what to do if the social distancing rules change and how much money might you lose if you have to cancel. That is unless you choose to elope of course!

What does it mean to elope?

Once upon a time eloping meant running away and getting married in secret. This could have been because your partner of choice was inappropriate or maybe you were already pregnant. For these reasons some of your elderly relatives might still think eloping is a bit scandalous. But I am here to tell you that is definitely not scandalous anymore, especially after Covid-19.

Eloping today can mean anything you want really these days. It can be a quick trip to a registry office on your lunch break or an extravagant trip with some of your closest friends and family along for the ride. The main rules for modern elopements are really just that you are not holding a massive wedding for everyone you know.

So where should you elope?

Well there are so many places to elope!! If you are in the UK you can think of castles, historic buildings, mountainsides, ruins, cities, countryside, even some beaches. The only thing you need to think about is the law. In Scotland you can get married wherever you want really as long as you register the address of ceremony location on your application for a marriage licence and you have a registered celebrant perform the ceremony. However, in England you have to get married in a licensed venue but you can still take some stunning photos wherever you want afterwards.

What will you wear when you elope

Whatever you like! This is one of the beauties of eloping you can do and wear whatever you want!

Some things to consider when you elope

What will your granny think? Or your mum? Or your best friend? If they get offended by your choice that is definitely not a reason to change your plans. However, it is a reason to consider how you will broach the subject with them and how you might make them feel included in your day. You could give them an announcement card with photos from the day on it or you might promise to throw a party when Covid-19 is a thing of the past. Really with weddings being so hard to organise at the moment you shouldn’t get any push back on your plans. But you never know, so just be mindful of peoples feelings and enjoy your day!